SeaPodd CBC

In 2011 Hoyer Global Transport developed the SeaPodd CBC.  This product is exclusive to Hoyer and is the perfect alternative to carrying and storing non hazardous bulk liquid, chemicals and foodstuffs.  It has beeen developed and patented by Hoyer Global Transport who are renowned in the bulk liquid industry for their isotank and flexitank products.  Hoyer launched the SeaPodd CBC into operations in early 2011.  A CBC consists of a SeaPodd and a purpose build 20ft ISO Box Container.
The SeaPodd CBC is contructed from FDA approved HDPE (High Density Polyethelene) which is the same material standard IBC’s have been made from for many years.  For this reason the SeaPodd CBC will be compatible with a wide range of non hazardous bulk liquid, chemicals and foodstuffs. 
The SeaPodd CBC is now available in Australia through Hoyer Global Agency Australia.  It is the perfect alternative for regular storage transport and distribution of bulk liquid products within Australia and well as selected international routes. 
For a quote or further information please contact our commercial department.