Flexitanks offer a safe alternative to carrying bulk liquid non-hazardous chemicals and foods.  There are significant volume savings per consignment when compared to intermediate bulk containers (15%) and drums (40%).

The flexitank used by HGAA is the Sealiner©, manufactured for Hoyer in Houston Texas.  A second manufacturing plant was established in Malaysia in 2011 to complement the existing site in Houston, Texas.  The new Malaysian plant offers the same level of quality and reliabilty but with a much improved supply chain for the Asia Pacific region.  After extensive research into all the flexitanks available in the market, Hoyer Global Transport decided Powertex was the partner that matched our strict quality and safety considerations.

Placed in a food grade 20’ heavy tested box container, supported by a 6mm polyethelene backing and steel bulkhead, the Sealiner© flexitank is available in various sizes from 14 to 24 cubic metres. This ensures the capacity is always maximised depending on the specific gravity of the customers’ product.  The product can be loaded or discharged through a 2″ or 3″ bottom valve.  All valves are standard camlock fittings to ensure maximum compatibilty with hoses and fittings at the load and discharge sites.

Some of the advantages of the Sealiner flexitank:

  • Single layer LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethelene) flexitank available in 14 – 24cbm sizes
  • 2” or 3” valves, both with male camlock fitting.  It is a patented design made from re-enforced polypropylene
  • The valve is bolted into the flexitank during production to ensure maximum strength and reliability 
  • It is a quality ball valve that ensures maximum product flow during loading and discharge
  • The inside of the 3” outlet has a thread that takes an adapter, converting the 3” camlock into a 2” camlock or can be used as a 2” female BSP connection for further flexibility
  • Uniquely designed vents at the end if the valve allow full product flow even when the flexitank is ‘sucked’ up to the valve during discharge, thus allowing full product discharge
  • The elbow shape of the valve ensures that the very last drops of product can be accessed during discharge and allows the product to flow smoothly during loading
  • A locking pin can be inserted through the handle after closing to ensure the valve cannot be opened accidentally, thus preventing leaks
  • A robust metal handle ensures easy opening and closing of the valve without fear of it breaking off in the operators hand.  Easily operated while wearing industrial gloves
  • The screw in cover acts as a prevention to leakage and keeps the valve clean during operations.  Tie wraps can also be fixed to further secure the fitting.

For a quote or further information please contact our commercial department.