Wine in Flexitanks

The Sealiner flexitank is the perfect choice for the transport and storage of wine.  Whether you require a temporary transport and storage option locally or looking for international distribution to anywhere around the globe we have the logistics solution for you.

The Sealiner flexitank has a proven track record as one of the safest and most reliable flexitanks for the transport of wine.  Our global network of Hoyer offices and dedicated agents has extensive experience in the loading, handling and shipping of wine products all over the globe.

Independant test results have established that the oxygen permeability of the Sealine flexitank as follows:  .06 CC / M2 / 24 HRS / 80F (26C).  This is well know to be one of the key indicators for the protection of wine loads during transit.  Wine loads are also protected from contamination by an layer of vapor resistant foil to the floor of the shipping container before loading.

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