About Hoyer

Hoyer GmbH was established in 1946 and has its located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with Regional Offices in Houston, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai and Sao Paulo and an extended network of agents in 50 major ports worldwide as well as own sales offices in Europe.

Hoyer Global Transport now ranks among the worlds’ largest providers for global transport of liquid bulk products with ISO tank containers and flexi tanks.

Scope of Services:-

  1. Transport of liquid products including chemicals, feedstock, foodstuffs and gasses
  2. Handling and distribution of liquid products throughout Europe and across the globe.
  3. Cleaning for tanker trucks, tank containers and IBC’s
  4. Tank container repair and maintenance
  5. IBC logistics, environmental logistics and tank container storage.

HOYER Global Agency Australia (HGAA) was appointed in 1999 as Australian and New Zealand and its primary role is to operate the extensive fleet of Hoyer tank containers in the Pacific Region and provide its customers with a full logistics service from door to door.

HGAA is able to offer its customers a total global logistical solution from door to door for all liquid bulk products including as chemicals, feedstock, foodstuffs and liquid gasses.