ISO Tanks

The HOYER Global Transport fleet comprises over 20,000 tank containers varying from 14,000 litres to 27,000 litres.

Most standard tanks are equipped with top and bottom load and discharge valves. Most standard tanks are also fitted with steam heating systems. There are a wide range of tank types available in the fleet catering for all bulk liquid transport and shipping requirements. Specialised gas tank containers are also part of the fleet.

HOYER never combines chemicals with foodstuffs and therefore operate two separate tank container fleets in order to ensure the highest safety standard and quality.

The right transport for liquid bulk products

As a dynamic and customer-orientated organization, offering total supply chain logistics. HOYER Global Transport ranks among the best in the world for global transport of liquid bulk products in tank containers as well as in flexitanks.

HOYER Global Transport provides the best possible quality. Specialists within the organisation have an advanced ICT system at hand to have full control during the complete logistical process.

At first customer contact, the product/equipment database will be consulted on all details of the product and the required tank container. With a database of 80,000 different liquid products, HOYER Global Transport will make sure they understand your product and its requirements. The database will also make sure that the correct equipment will be used.

In order to ensure the highest quality for your food products, HOYER Global Transport uses a dedicated fleet for foodstuffs: a chemical tank container will never be used for food transports.

In this highly competitive market, it is important for HOYER Global Transport as well as for its customers to arrange the transport as cost-effective as possible. HOYER Global Transport network will make sure the most efficient decisions for the customer will be made, with the best level of quality guaranteed.

Our one-stop shop provides and covers the entire logistical chain, from door-to-door if requested. You have the possibility to lease our tank containers, or alternatively, you will be able to outsource your fleet. With HOYER Global Transport your fleet will be in good hands.

Maintenance, repair and new builds of our tank containers are of the highest technical level in order to ensure reliable and safe transport of your products.