Whether it is Wine to the UK, Olive Oil to SE Asia or Spirits to Europe

Know-how built up over decades in the national and international transport of foodstuffs has made HOYER Group into one of the leading bulk foodstuffs logistics operators for trade and industry. HOYER has developed as a proven specialist for precision-fitting logistics concepts for the transport of liquid foodstuffs.

Your Benefits

  • Quality assured shipping and logisticst
  • Tailor-made solutions due to the established foodstuff  ‘know-how’ of our staff
  • Optimal logistics solutions through the use of isotanks, flexitanks and SeaPodd CBC’s
  • One stop shop through the use of the extensive Hoyer global network

Our Quality Prescription is simple: Extensive Know-How of our Foodstuff Experts and Reliability deep into the finest detail.

Our professional employees guarantee a smooth execution of your flow of goods, not only in terms of pure shipping but also in relation to full door to door service as required.  A proper level of quality is our prime concern: utilizing the different ingredients of expertise, safety, cleanliness, special equipment and established IT standards, we provide a perfect mix.

We have the right Container. And if not, we build it.

Due to extensive product knowledge and an outstanding technical inventory, we are able to prepare the optimal transport equipment for your needs – or we build it according to your specifications. Road tankers, tank containers, flexitanks and different types of IBC, all belong to the Hoyer fleet. Our modern equipment ensures that your products arrive the way they left your plant.