The G-Drum is an exciting and dynamic new packaging product, specifically for liquid and powdered material. The G-Drum is an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to a steel drum. The G-Drum is made from food grade material, so is suitable for industrial, food and pharmaceutical application. The interlocking pallet and drum system, reduces shifting in transit and the resulting inherent health and safety risks associated with unloading or un-packing. In addition, due to the G-Drums ability to collapse whilst not in use, significant transport and warehousing savings can be made in your supply chain. The G-Drum environmentally friendly, increased safety and reduced cost. Need to know more? Please Contact Us.


Collapsible and reusable packaging in 208 Ltrs

The system includes 4 drums on 1 pallet

The drums and pallet are made of food grade poly-propylene

3-ply liner bags are used, with product specific films for loading of different products

Every drum will come with a new liner bag, pre-installed for each shipment

Minimum operational changes required

The system is designed for high product assurance and HSE standards


View a short video on the G-Drum